Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Alpha Wave Movement Release "MYRIAD STARS"

The next Alpha Wave Movement release "Myriad Stars" is now available for digital download on I-Tunes, CD Baby and affiliated sites.

You can listen and purchase here 

Cds will be available shortly and sold only from the website directly to listeners.

Myriad Stars is a further exploration by Alpha Wave Movement into the cosmic continuum of ambient space music. Aesthetically driven music which conjures up the mysteries of the dark cosmos and the curiosity of our existential connection within its ever expanding realms.

The music of Myriad Stars will appease those who enjoyed past releases such as A Distant Signal and The Edge of Infinity.

Here is the first review for Myriad Stars written by Bert Strolenberg of Sonic Immersion

With "Myriad Stars", Gregory Kyryluk aka Alpha Wave Movement brings us a nice and colourful addition to his existing catalogue of space music, and especially his album "A Distant Signal".

These are ten tracks of atmospheric spaciousness opening a doorway to an expansive, cosmic environment, very nicely
"spiced" with sequencer patterns and smooth rhythms. Gregory’s music smoothly paints beautiful farscapes in the mystic realm of the galaxy, sometimes almost symphonic, then gentle and in a more floating manner.

All in all, the outcome of
"Myriad Stars", is a nice sonic metaphor for AWM’s motto: synthesizing serenity and motion. Most certainly recommended.

Unreleased Music & Interview

I have just uploaded some free music and a rare recorded interview I had with Bill Binkleman back in 2002. Thank you Bill for your honest support where ever you are!

The music which spans back to the mid 1990's until 2004-5 is full length and for free download.  

This link will take you to the site where you may download it or listen for free. None of this music may be used for commercial purposes and intended as a gift to fans.

CD's & Digital Downloads Direct

You can now purchase cds and digital downloads safely and direct from this website.

Just click on the links to the right of the menu to take you to the appropriate pages.

Audio samples are also available!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Northeast Electronic Festival Equinoxygen

For those aficionados of live electronic music there will be a festival on October 1st that will feature artists from all over the US and Europe.

Please come out and support the musicians and the event. Sponsored by One Thousand Pulses.


Equinoxygen 2011 is the first large-scale multi-artist festival of its type ever to take place in the Northeast New Jersey area.
Hosted in the prestigious Wilson Auditorium on Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Teaneck/Hackensack campus, just 15 minutes north of New York City, Equinoxygen presents a single-day of provocative, experimental music.
With a roster of renowned artists from across the globe, spanning the bandwidth of electronic music’s genres, styles, and approaches, Equinoxygen 2011 is the opening salvo in an annual series of festivals to take place in the region, bridging the analog and the digital & the audio and the visual, to yield a unique sensorium of sound and image.